Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cutting down our own christmas tree

last year, we purchased a tree and planted it in a pot, hoping it would grow with our family and we could use it year after year. the post is here. with our move to colorado, and our little tree sitting in storage for 6 weeks, then on a balcony with not enough sun, our little tree passed away. we were bummed, to say the least, that our plan for re-using and watching our little tree grow didn't work out. however, rather than purchasing a tree from home depot or the corporate grocery store, we decided to buy a $10 permit in winter park, co (much more affordable on our budget) and go to a designated wooded area to choose our tree. as you can see in the pictures, we also found a sledding hill and messed around for a bit.
 it was quite an excursion, even though we didn't have to go far. our 2 1/2 year old struggled a bit in the hip deep snow for him, but he had fun as well. we chose a modest tree and it took all of 1 minute for my hubby to cut it down.
after dragging it back to the truck, we ate the lunch my honey packed for us, which was pretty nice after being cold in the shade of the trees on our little hike. it was so much fun, and i thought i would feel more guilty about cutting down a living tree, but it really isn't any different than buying one that was cut down at the store, plus we got to create a really great memory.  
 we also love our tree just a little bit more. my husband, who could care less if we get a christmas tree, agrees that this one has a little bit more heart to it.
happy holidays to you and your families!

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