Thursday, October 28, 2010

a new season

it has been quite a while since i have been in this space. i thought i would be able to post before we made our move from santa barbara into our 19 foot trailer, home on the road for 5 weeks, but with all the packing, moving, saying goodbye, and my new vaio laptop breaking after 2 months of ownership, it couldn't happen. we were on the road for 5 weeks, then lived with my mom in her apartment in littleton, co for 6 weeks before finding a home to rent of our own.

we had quite a lot of adventures and there are so many posts i would like to do on the places we saw, boondocking, knitting and more. for now, i think i will leave you with a few pictures of my knitting projects i finished, some pictures from our trip..and a test that came up positive...woohoo we are pregnant!