Tuesday, May 24, 2011


our little ila is 5 weeks old. she is lovely and easy, especially compared to my 3 year old boy. however, i now can clearly see how the first child gets put off as the difficult or bad child. babies are so easy, especially the 2nd or 3rd time around. toddlers and children inherently require more. i recognize the need to be careful and keep my two children in seperate categories, since they are different people with different needs, at different stages.

we have all been settling into this new life as the 4 of us. i feel so lucky in so many ways. 2 healthy kids, a mom who is incredibly helpful, a baby who sleeps amazingly since she is only 5 weeks old, and more. my 3 year old, river, is going through some stuff.

he is still madly in love with baby sister, but pretty mad at me sometimes...not when i'm nursing or holding ila, but randomly. at least he knows enough of what he is feeling to tell me he is "so angry" with me. i believe him.

he is waking up nearly every night now after being quite a good sleeper for half his life with needs like water, or bad dreams, which have happened over the last year here or there.

he has also begun peeing during nap in his room, on the rug, in his toys, even outside of nap. he is totally potty trained, and has been for over a year. he knows this isn't ok, but i still can't get him to stop.

alright, there is my situation...any ideas? anyone out there go through the same stuff? any advice? i would love to hear it. don't have much of a community here since we haven't lived here very long. would love to hear what you think!

i have been reading touchpoints by t. berry brazelton, md and it is pretty informative, but really value the experiences of other mamas out there!


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