Thursday, October 27, 2011

nature bracelet activity

nature bracelets

this is a wonderful project. i have done this activity with kids from 3 years old all the way up to 6th graders and they all enjoy it.

first thing is first. go on a nauture walk and collect items from nature that you can use in your bracelet. this is a fun seasonaly activity as well because there can be a lot more flower petals in the spring, and the items even change depending on where you are making your bracelet.
next, cut some strips of contact paper. they need to be just long enough to fit loose on your child's wrist, and as wide as you want it. it can be a bracelet, an anklet, around the upper arm...endless ideas!
peel off the back and put the sticky side of the contact paper up. let your little one begin to decorate with their nature pieces.

once they are finished, tear a piece of packing tape off. this piece needs to be longer than the contact paper, on both sides by about 1 inch.

last step, wrap the bracelet around the wrist. it is best to make it large enough for your child to get it on and off by slipping it over their wrist so that it doesn't have to be cut to remove it.

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