Tuesday, March 29, 2011

little cowboy

a few weeks back, the rodeo came to denver, and my mom oh-so-loves the rodeo. my hubby and i didn't feel comfortable letting our little guy see the roping and the bucking broncos, so we went with her for the petting zoo and seeing the other animals. first, my little guy had to get in the mood...
he look happy to you? :-)
once at the rodeo, he got in a little petting zoo time, but i couldn't tear myself away from all the beautiful sheep...
their fleece is so soft. if you think some yarn is soft, you should really walk over to a sheep and touch them. you won't believe it! i am literally drooling, wishing and hoping that we just may be able to get enough land when we move this late spring/early summer to durango, colorado, so that i may have a few sheep to raise and use their wool for knitting. such a dream, for such a long time. most places in durango allow for chickens, and you don't need too much yard for them, but my dreams are a bit bigger than a small neighborhood backyard. i am planning our organic veggie garden with milkweed for our dearly missed butterflies (click here and here for my past post about them), chickens and sheep!
wanted to include this last picture of the sheep kiss. aww cross your fingers for me please?!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

baby yoda sweater

it has been a while since i posted. been working a lot, waddling around with my big pregnant belly (4 weeks to go), and went on a quick weekend trip to durango, co for my hubby's job interview and checking out the area to move there this summer.
it is a 6 hour drive there, plus an hour or two with a toddler that needs to move and go peepee. got lots of knitting done and got home and seamed up this cute little yoda sweater. i updated my ravelry page and have more photos, plus some toddler socks (need some practice with socks).

life is crazy. trying to find the time to get ready for baby...pull out clothes, cloth diapers, swing, playpen, from garage, get sleeping quarters set up and such. life really does speed up as you get older...oh yeah, and i had a birthday and am now 31!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


not one central posting idea...

* thinking of the mama at sew liberated with her new baby boy already having had surgery, and taking the opportunity to remember that i would rather us not have jobs than have a baby with complications...

* remembering to post the changes i made to the previous posting of my diaper cover, where i took off the legs and added a double layer inside to prevent leaking...

* started working on toddler socks for my son, and realizing i cast on too tight and can barely get them on him...hmmmm

* wondering how much yarn i can request from my family for my birthday next week so i can stop envying all the other bloggers who have shelves of beautiful yarn...like this at soulemama's.

* but also looking forward to having some of these of my own to make my very own, homemade yarn...
* crossing my fingers i don't catch the cold my mom, then my son now has...honey and garlic here i come!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


we are back from our trip to california...possibly more exhausted than before we left, but still had a lovely baby shower. river loved the airplane and i really enjoyed seeing my girlfriends...not knowing how much longer i will have to wait before i see them again.

i am officially 33 weeks and feeling pretty great. really tired some days, but otherwise, good. still no work for the hubby, but i am bookkeeping and it is something!
i finished these booties a while ago, just haven't been around to post. i loved making them, and there is more info here on my ravelry page. i used merino wool which i have loved using for knit hats and scarves. i can't tell you how satisfying it is to knit little baby items...they knit up so fast!
the pattern is Stay-On Baby Booties by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. Fun!