Saturday, January 21, 2012

just a few pics....

these pics are from about a week ago but.....we have window (holes). they are in the process of putting in the actual windows but this little building is beginning to take on the shape of a home...our home.

 we also have framing up inside. it is so nice to "feel" the size of the rooms and not just tape it off or walk the size of the room to picture it.
 my husband brought his friend from california to help with electrical. he has learned a lot and it was wonderful to have our friend here for two whole weeks! husband is the cute one on the right!

Monday, January 9, 2012

barn to home

we are in the thick of it, here in durango. we are renovating this out building/barn into a home.  it is about 1700 square feet, so it will be a good size, but i am terrible about making choices and have many decisions to make to turn this baby into a home that functions for our family and we love to live in. we have been on the move for over 1 1/2 years and can't wait to settle in and stop packing and moving. we have great hopes for this home of ours....the photo below is an excavator digging up rock under the slap to lay plumbing. my hubby quit a temp job he had here to jump in and renovate and is saving us a ton of money already by doing so much of the work himself and with a contractor to help. he knocked down a few random interior walls, cut the concrete, laid the plumbing and they excavated out rock to lay the plumbing here...

they are doing all this work in below 30 degree weather...
(the photo below is the same view, just taken in august!)
my son river is quite impressed with his papa, and i am as well. i can't believe all that he has done with this place. he has laid radiant floor throughout our home, ran water to our home, and is now running all the electric with our friend we brought our from california. he continues to amaze me.
we got our concrete slab poured for our garage and had to do handprints...even in 15 degree weather and in the snow!
more pictures to come!